“There is literally no community in Canada, perhaps none in North America, quite like Africville.  Its long history, its special population and their employment characteristics, the years of neglect of this community by the administration of the City of Halifax, the unique importance of this settlement for all the people of Nova Scotia and for Canada, must be borne in mind... ”1


The Africville Relocation Report of 1971, by Don Clairmont and Dennis Magill, documents the story of the residents of Africville, whose homes and lands were expropriated by the City of Halifax during the 1960s. 

Many years later, this seminal report continues to be a primary source for study in many areas of scholarship including local and Canadian history, African Canadian studies, law, sociology, social work, municipal politics and public administration, urban planning, and environmental racism. 

As a publication of the Institute of Public Affairs, this research study is an enduring manifestation of the intellectual capital of Dalhousie University.  In keeping with the scholarly publishing environment of the 21st Century, the Killam Library is immensely pleased to preserve and enhance access to the Africville Relocation Report as the first digital title in its electronic booklist.


        How to cite the digitized Africville Relocation Report and Supplement

Due to the fact that the digitized version of the Africville Relocation Report and Supplement has different pagination than the original paper copies, it is necessary to cite the electronic version.  Examples follow:

        MLA (6th edition)

Bibliography:  Clairmont, Donald H. and Dennis W. Magill.  Africville Relocation Report.  Halifax, Nova Scotia: Institute of Public Affairs, 1971.  Africville Relocation Report.  2005.  Dalhousie University.  13 Sept. 2006  (http://www.library.dal.ca/ebooks/africville/)

    APA (5th edition)

Bibliography:  Clairmont, Donald H. and Magill, Dennis W.  (1973).  Africville Relocation Report Supplement.  Halifax, Nova Scotia: Institute of Public Affairs.  Retrieved 16 September 2006, from  (http://www.library.dal.ca/ebooks/africville/).



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It should be noted that all misspellings and typographical errors have been left "as is" in the digitized copy of both the Africville Relocation Report and its Supplement.  Additionally, the Supplement copy used was a draft copy, and so handwritten additions have been indicated using superscript.

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